In a word, yes.

Cloth diapers are coming back.  In the last ten years their usage has skyrocketed.  People are getting more environmentally conscious, more health conscious, and more money conscious.  Supposedly the average child costs $2,000 in disposable diapers between birth and potty training!  Cloth diapering can be done for less than $100 if you go bare bones, and a very nice “stash” of new, cute, easy diapers can easily be bought for less than $500!  Even factoring in the extra loads of laundry, you can’t’ beat that price!

So, here is a basic rundown of the different types, with links to examples (GMD diapers are expensive, but the site is top of the line when it comes to pictures of the diaper on the baby)

FLATS: A single layer, large square piece of cloth.  Your great-grandmother’s diapers.  PROS:  Incredibly inexpensive (you can get really high quality ones for $20 a dozen), very trim, one size (different folds adjust for newborn to toddler), and very easy to wash and dry (can be handwashed and line dried without a problem).  CONS: Many people find folding a hassle, and find that older children need to double up to get proper absorbency.  NEEDS: Pins or a Snappi, and a waterproof cover.

Here’s some nice pictures: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/flat.htm

PREFOLDS:  A flat diaper that has been sewn down into a much more manageable piece of cloth.  Still requires some folding, but only very basic.  PROS: Comes in sizes, so less trouble getting a good fit, inexpensive (around $15 a dozen), washes and dries easily, very versatile.  CONS: Can be bulky, especially compared to disposable, sized, so you’ll need to buy two or three different sizes.  NEEDS: Pins or a Snappi, and a waterproof cover.

Pictures: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/prefolds.htm

FITTEDS:  Put on just like a disposable (usually has either snaps or velcro) then put on a waterproof cover.  Comes in many different styles and fabrics, both sized and one-size.  PROS:  The absolute best at containment (though all cloth users experience fewer “blow outs” than disposable), simple to use, very absorbent.  CONS:  Probably the bulkiest option, pricy  ($10-20 each).  NEEDS: Waterproof cover.

Pics of a random brand, so you get an idea: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/underthenile.htm

POCKETS:  Currently the most popular option.  A waterproof shell with a stay dry liner sewn on, and a pocket for you to “stuff” the absorbent insert.  Comes in either sized or one size.  Snaps or velcro.  PROS: Put on just like a disposable (especially the ones with velcro) so very good for babysitters and grandparents, stay dry lining keeps baby from feeling wet, customizable absorbency.  One size options are an economical choice at $18 a piece.  CONS:  Must be stuffed and unstuffed each time, often uses microfiber inserts (though you can use prefolds or flats if you prefer) which tend to stink after a while.   NEEDS: Some kind of insert (microfiber, bamboo, flat or prefolds)

Pics: http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=98&products_id=2424

ALL IN ONE:  Exactly what it says.  The waterproof outer with the attached absorbent inner.  No pinning, stuffing, or finagling necessary.  One size or sized, snaps or velcro.  PROS: The absolute easiest cloth diaper out there.  CONS: Also the most expensive, at $15-25 a piece.  Some users complain of difficulty getting them clean, and of long drying time.  NEEDS: Nothing!

Pics: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/bum_genius_elemental.html


So there are lots of options (and hundreds of brands) to fit your budget and lifestyle!

Next time, I’ll explain the waterproof covers necessary for flats, prefolds and fitteds, and explain what exactly a “Hybrid” diaper is!


Planning for the Un-planable

One of the fun things about being pregnant is the planning – at least for me.  I love researching different options, finding the best product for the lowest price, balancing green/frugal/easy, and endlessly changing my mind, until I am finally, firmly satisfied with what I’ve chosen to do.

Several years ago, when we first started trying to get pregnant, I began researching.  Some things were easy; for example, breastfeeding was always a given.  Others were a matter of convincing my Dear Husband: cloth diapers, home schooling, elimination communication.  And then there were things I thought sounded nice, but wasn’t convinced myself about, like a natural birth, co-sleeping, and so-called “gentle discipline”.

DH actually got on board with cloth diapering pretty quickly, once he saw how easy it can be – he even made me a spreadsheet to help me juggle numbers!  His only request is that we have one, simple system, instead of a cloth diaper “stash” of various types for different occasions.  It took a long time for me to decide what I wanted to do, since it always feels like the “perfect diaper” is out there, but I think I’ve finally settled.

My next post will be a run down of cloth diapers, the different types and options, and what I’ve decided will work best for us.


It really is incredible all the different parenting options, products and advice out there.  It can be really overwhelming, but at the same time, it feels almost like a treasure hunt!  You just KNOW that somewhere, someone has come up with the perfect thing for you and your family.

Seasons are Changing

So much has been happening in my life lately.

As the seasons change outside, the seasons inside are changing as well.  My life is different than it was six months ago, and will never be the same again.

I’m pregnant.

And while that’s a beautiful, wonderful, hoped for, prayed for thing, it does make life a little more complicated.  My dear husband has gone back to school full time (he’s been going part time for several years now).  But… he’s still working full time.  And it’s an hours drive (without traffic) between work and school.  And while he will still be doing everything he can to be a wonderful, supportive husband and father, he is somewhat limited on what he can do.

Enter change (and complication) two: moving in with my parents.

We are so very, very blessed to have family members with the space and means to offer us a place to live.  Perhaps even more blessed to have family members we get along with well enough to ACCEPT that offer. 😀  We now inhabit the whole of my parents upstairs: two bedrooms (one still filled with my brothers things, but hopefully will be cleared out in the next few months so that this little one can have a room of his own), a bathroom and a living area.

Large as it is, it’s still smaller than the apartment we were living in before, so there has been quite a lot of de-cluttering going on.  The largest difficulty though, is that I moved here over four months ago, while DH stayed at our old place.  I had some health issues my first trimester, and he was worried about me being alone at home so often, so off to my parents I went.  Thankfully, he’s finally here most of the time, but we still have a few final things to do at the old place.

Before tomorrow night.

Oh well.  Somehow, it will get done.

Outside my window… I can hear the morning birds singing.
I am thinking… that I hate doing phone calls (the business/errands kind)
I am thankful for… phones, so I can get so many things done at home.
From the kitchen… cold chicken for breakfast, oh joy!
I am wearing… my blue polka dot nighty with my initials on it.
I am creating… my first post in a long while!
I am going… to sleep soon (hopefully).
I am reading… A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L’Engle
I am hoping… that my prescription gets worked out.
I am hearing… the refrigerator hum
Around the house… are piles of fresh, clean laundry needing to be sorted.
One of my favorite things… Is my new steel water bottle.  It’s green!
A few plans for the rest of the week: The Cherokee Meeting on Saturday, yay!

Plastic Free Kitchen

I’ve been trying to get my kitchen in working order.  I never cooked much growing up, and in the year of marriage I’ve had, Nick’s probably cooked more than me.  But I’m starting to change that.  Tonight was the third night in a row that I made dinner!  For me, that’s a big deal. 

Last week I made pasta from scratch.  The process was simple, but the kneading and rolling took way too long for my puny arms.  Luckily, when I was perusing World Market, looking for a drying rack, I found a sweet hand cranked pasta machine on clearance.  It should speed up the rolling and cutting process at least, even if I still have to knead.


I’ve been trying to get rid of disposable and plastic products in our lives for a while now, but, in the interest of my new cooking fascination, I’ve been focusing on the kitchen.  Nick. does. not. approve.  The man loves all things cheap and disposable, and every time I put something in the going-to-goodwill box, he sneaks it out again.


I will persevere though!

An Abundance of Fur


I played around with this photo, trying out different effects.  I’m pretty happy with the result.


This is my baby girl – my Tiki.  We rescued her last November from the County Shelter.  The reason we chose her above all others?  After all, she was bigger (at 55lbs) and younger (at 8 mos) than we had planned.  However, she didn’t bark (a must in an apartment complex), and she was docile as can be on the leash – never tugged, never pulled, never so much as stepped from your side.  I was worried about her timidity, having never rescued a dog before, but her big brown eyes just demanded that I love her.

Has it only been three months?  Already my life is so different.  While she has come out of her shell quite a bit (and occasionally tugs on the leash if you’re walking by another dog), she’s still the sweetest little thing ever.  And the journey of watching her go from hiding in a corner to jumping up and down when Nick comes home from work is one I’ll treasure forever.

Oh my darling, you save your Mama from herself everyday you jump into bed with her.

An Abundance of Yarn

An Abundance of Yarn

It may not seem like much to you veteran knitters out there, but this newbie keeps staring at her stash wondering “What am I supposed to do with all this yarn??”

I’m nervous about not having enough yarn to finish my projects which has two consequences – I tend to buy extra skeins for any given craft, and I’m extra hesitant to start anything with the leftovers.

I finally bit the bullet yesterday, though, and cast on a scarf for Amanda, my sister in everything but name.  She requested something blue, so I’m using the same yarn I used to make my first hat – a beautiful variegated  ice to deep midnight.

I’m still afraid I’ll run out though.


In other news, I finished my first pair of socks!  The second turned out much better than the first, though they’re both a bit big.  I’ve already been thinking about what changes I would make for my next pair.  I’m hopelessly in love with this color-way though – it’s named “Embers”, with creams and browns, and beautiful terra cottas.  There’s also a bit of pink I didn’t even really notice until I put them on.  Pics should be up tomorrow!

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