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An Abundance of Ideas

Since falling in love with blogs, I’m constantly on the lookout for new ones.  I love the feeling of connection, of history, of life-in-motion you get from perusing snapshots of a complete stranger’s life.  It really helps remind me that humanity has more similarities than differences.

I love photography, and have wanted for a long time to be able to capture the images I see all around me;  this christmas I finally got myself a digital camera, and I’m enjoying learning how to use it.  So far I haven’t quite got the hang of it, but I just  need more practice, an opportunity that came knocking this morning as I found #mce_temp_url#.

After perusing the list of words, I decided (after looking through my thoroughly cluttered home) to choose the word ABUNDANCE, something I’ve been feeling a lot of lately.  

I’ve been feeling so content with my life as of late.  Yes, there are things I’m still working towards (finishing mine and Nick’s degrees, a home with a yard, finally getting pregnant…) but overall, I’m quite satisfied with my life.  I feel like I’m on a good path, that may be hard at times, but has joys enough for the moment, and more still to come.  I can’t think of anything I want that I’m not on the road to getting – other of course, than that private island in the Bahamas. 🙂

So, the 28 day photo essay titled “Abundance” starts February 1st – I can’t wait!


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