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Maternity Clothes!

I had a blast last saturday, shopping with three of my wonderful Sister In Laws.  I have maternity clothes now!  At 25 weeks, I was living in a single elastic skirt and loose tshirts.  My maternity wardrobe now consists of “sexy” (to quote my SILs!) jeans, two skirts, a dress, three tees and two blouses.

Nobody told me how COMFORTABLE maternity clothes are!  Seriously, I’ve always had to buy the super low rise jeans because I hate having anything cut into my stomach.  This whole elastic waistband thing?  You’re gonna have trouble getting me to go back to regular jeans!

The main purpose of our shopping trip was finding clothes for the family pictures we’re taking this Christmas.  Do you know how hard it was to find a simple black men’s sweater?  We finally had to have one of the stores call their sister store and reserve one – thanks to my wonderful SIL who will be picking it up for us!


Oh!  And I’m playing around with the blog, figuring out how to do stuff, tweaking it, etc.  Check out my links!  Yay!


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An Abundance of Fur


I played around with this photo, trying out different effects.  I’m pretty happy with the result.


This is my baby girl – my Tiki.  We rescued her last November from the County Shelter.  The reason we chose her above all others?  After all, she was bigger (at 55lbs) and younger (at 8 mos) than we had planned.  However, she didn’t bark (a must in an apartment complex), and she was docile as can be on the leash – never tugged, never pulled, never so much as stepped from your side.  I was worried about her timidity, having never rescued a dog before, but her big brown eyes just demanded that I love her.

Has it only been three months?  Already my life is so different.  While she has come out of her shell quite a bit (and occasionally tugs on the leash if you’re walking by another dog), she’s still the sweetest little thing ever.  And the journey of watching her go from hiding in a corner to jumping up and down when Nick comes home from work is one I’ll treasure forever.

Oh my darling, you save your Mama from herself everyday you jump into bed with her.

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An Abundance of Yarn

It may not seem like much to you veteran knitters out there, but this newbie keeps staring at her stash wondering “What am I supposed to do with all this yarn??”

I’m nervous about not having enough yarn to finish my projects which has two consequences – I tend to buy extra skeins for any given craft, and I’m extra hesitant to start anything with the leftovers.

I finally bit the bullet yesterday, though, and cast on a scarf for Amanda, my sister in everything but name.  She requested something blue, so I’m using the same yarn I used to make my first hat – a beautiful variegated  ice to deep midnight.

I’m still afraid I’ll run out though.


In other news, I finished my first pair of socks!  The second turned out much better than the first, though they’re both a bit big.  I’ve already been thinking about what changes I would make for my next pair.  I’m hopelessly in love with this color-way though – it’s named “Embers”, with creams and browns, and beautiful terra cottas.  There’s also a bit of pink I didn’t even really notice until I put them on.  Pics should be up tomorrow!

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